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Star Wars cards

Star Wars Cards 101 with Glen Suh

In Episode 222 of the “Cards To The Moon” podcast, Clark of fivecardguys interviews Glen Suh, owner of Suhpreme Cards, a popular Whatnot streamer of Star Wars cards with nearly 10,000 followers.

Prospecting in the sports card hobby is hard.

How hard is prospecting in the hobby?

The reality is that prospecting is hard in the hobby just as it is in real life sports. Check out some of our “Prospecting Is Hard” Instagram Reels series where we take a player who’s been hyped as an elite quarterback and see how much it has depreciated in value since their rookie season.

2022 Underrated Baseball Rookie Cards

Some underrated baseball rookie cards worth checking out

If you missed our podcast episode on Cards To The Moon where we invited Scottie B. Cards to talk about the best active MLB players with the highest career average WAR stat, we discussed which baseball rookie cards might be a good buy.

Cards To The Moon sports card podcast

SPORTS CARD PODCAST: Why no hobby love for these cards?

In Episode 5 of the Cards To The Moon podcast, co-hosts Clark, Hyung, and John wonder why there’s no hobby love for certain sports cards or sets – and feel it might actually make a good early investment now since not a lot of collectors are into them.