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About Us

Born out of nostalgia, came to life after five guys discovered a common interest in once having collected sports cards years (and years) ago as boys.

Excited about the potential worth of their collective stash after so many years entombed in boxes deep inside the closets of their parents’ homes, their dreams of becoming rich were quickly dashed.

Growing up in the ‘80s and ‘90s didn’t help with sports cards being mass produced during that era and subsequently devaluing their worth. (Ugh, that Todd Van Poppel rookie card…)

But rather than wallow in disappointment, they found a reignited passion for sports cards, saw how the fascinating world of “the hobby” has changed, and now endeavour to share what they’ve learned – and are still learning.

And so, five card guys decided to make hoping to bring some of the disenchanted, former hobbyists back to the fold and to entice new, prospective collectors into the club.

Check out our Daily Auctions page, to see some of the best sports card auctions ending daily! And listen to our weekly podcast Cards To The Moon!