About Us

Born out of nostalgia, fivecardguys.com came to life after five guys discovered a common interest in once having collected sports cards years (and years) ago as boys.

Excited about the potential worth of their collective stash after so many years entombed in boxes deep inside the closets of their parents’ homes, their dreams of becoming rich were quickly dashed.

Growing up in the ‘80s and ‘90s didn’t help with sports cards being mass produced during that era and subsequently devaluing their worth. (Ugh, that Todd Van Poppel rookie card…)

But rather than wallow in disappointment, they found a reignited passion for sports cards, saw how the fascinating world of “the hobby” has changed, and now endeavour to share what they’ve learned – and are still learning.

And so, five card guys decided to make fivecardguys.com hoping to bring some of the disenchanted, former hobbyists back to the fold and to entice new, prospective collectors into the club.

The five card guys are: 


Reoccurring sports card memory: The anticipation of going to sports card conventions and taking the bus there without letting my parents know where I was going.
Favorite personal sports card: 1986 Topps Patrick Roy Rookie
Dream sports card: 1986 Fleer Michael Jordan Rookie


Reoccurring sports card memory: Using the monthly Beckett guide to calculate the value of my entire sports card collection (including base cards) only to later learn as an adult that most of my cards didn’t hold nearly the value I thought they did.
Favorite personal sports card: 2001 Authentic Game Floor Kobe Bryant. This was the first memorabilia card I ever pulled. The design was great and the idea of including a piece of the court was still a novel idea at the time.
Dream sports card: 2009 Bowman Chrome Mike Trout Super Refractor Auto 1/1

screen-shot-2017-02-06-at-1-08-55-amCLARK – THE WRITER

Reoccurring sports card memory: Spending all of my weekly allowance as a kid at the local bricks-and-mortar sports card store, hoping to get the big hit at the time – a 1991 Upper Deck Todd Van Poppel rookie card.
Favorite personal sports card: 1991 Upper Deck Mookie Wilson (personally autographed)
Dream sports card: 1954 Topps Hank Aaron rookie card


Reoccurring sports card memory: New to the hobby, but the best experience I’ve had to date is pulling a 2016 Juan Soto orange refractor out of a hobby box with a fellow five card guy!
Favorite personal sports card: Joe Carter Chicago Cubs 1984 signed rookie auto!
Dream sports card: 2006 Topps AFLAC Madison Bumgarner Auto


Reoccurring sports card memory: Classmate in grade school practically bullied me into trading him some coveted Upper Deck NHL top prospect cards in exchange for some apparently inferior Upper Deck NHL top prospect cards. All of the cards involved in that lopsided transaction are worthless, so the joke is on him…but the principle!
Favorite personal sports card: O Pee Chee Luc Robitaille rookie card. By pure fortune I came across this card while flipping through an encyclopedia Britannica volume (remember those?) I suspect my mother had used it as a bookmark. Too bad the card is worthless.
Dream sports card: Kris Bryant auto super refractor