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hobby mistakes

Bad buys and other ‘dead wrong’ hobby mistakes

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When the hobby was booming, everyone looked like a genius with their sports card investments.

But the hobby sure looks different in 2022 with almost every conceivable market from stocks and bonds to NFTs and sports cards all significantly down.

And now, most of of us are either holding some bags (ie. graded base cards) or just selling at big losses. But hey, for the die-hard collectors out there, we’re all in it together.

In our podcast Cards To The Moon, our last few episodes have been focused on what to do in this bear market such as looking for potential buying opportunities for GOAT players which are also down (and only if you still have disposable income!) or just focusing on collecting stuff for your PC that might not be worth flipping but still has plenty of sentimental value.

We also discussed some of those hobby mistakes we’ve made just to show everyone that no one has a perfect card investing record (ie. buying Zion cards last season) and sometimes you just have to move on and learn from these experiences. You can listen to that episode below or go to our podcast page for more episodes.

Hopefully the market rebounds sooner than later. But as long as we continue to follow our own motto of “Collect what you love,” it’s hard to lose in whatever market we find ourselves in.

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