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hockey rookie cards

kirill kaprizov rookie cards

Kirill Kaprizov and his SP Authentic Future Watch Rookie Cards

It’s the summer of 2022, but hockey card collectors can now rejoice because the 2020-21 SP Authentic hockey card set has finally been released. And one of the big chases in this set is undoubtedly the rookie of the year (Calder Memorial recipient) in 2021 Kirill Kaprizov.

Top 3 Connor McDavid rookie cards

Connor McDavid is one of the elite hockey players in the NHL right now and a true generational player.

It’s no surprise then McDavid’s rookie cards are already going for a premium price.

sidney crosby rookie cards

Top 3 Sidney Crosby rookie cards

Regardless of where you stand in the Sidney Crosby vs. Alexander Ovechkin “who is the best player now” debate, it’s only fair we come up with our top 3 of Sid the Kid’s rookie cards as we did with Ovie.

Top 3 Alexander Ovechkin rookie cards

Alexander “Ovie” Ovechkin continued to perform at a high level with a 30-plus goal and 30-plus assist season. Here’s our selection for Ovie’s top 3 rookie cards.