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2022 Underrated Baseball Rookie Cards

Some underrated baseball rookie cards worth checking out

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If you missed our podcast episode on Cards To The Moon where we invited Scottie B. Cards to talk about the best active MLB players with the highest career average WAR stat, we discussed which baseball rookie cards might be a good buy.

There might be some surprises on the WAR list of active MLB players and we included a few below that seem to be greatly underrated at the moment considering their history of success on the field.

We highlight some of the players below with their popular 1st Bowman Chrome autograph cards currently listed for sale.

In the podcast episode, we also discuss who we are completely off of for obvious reasons (ie. Robinson Cano) that are on the WAR list as well.

For more in-depth discussion and to nerd out on some baseball stats which could help make better baseball card buys, check out episode 47 of Cards To The Moon.




BRYCE HARPER (honorable mention)

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