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Prospecting in the sports card hobby is hard.

How hard is prospecting in the hobby?

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Almost every sports card investor is looking for the next shiny thing or the next big star to get in early on and then cash out when they blow up. We call it prospecting in the hobby.

It’s your classic “Buy Low, Sell High” strategy – but we know it’s easier said than done, right? I mean, if it was so easy, there would be a lot more collectors/investors in the hobby making bank.

But the reality is that prospecting is hard in the hobby just as it is in real life sports. Check out some of our “Prospecting Is Hard” Instagram Reels series (or on YouTube) where we take a player who’s been hyped as an elite quarterback and see how much it has depreciated in value since their rookie season.

Or tune it to our podcast Cards To The Moon where we talk about investing in rookies we like – some of them we’ve done really well on…but also others we’ve lost more than 50% of the card’s value.

All that said, will we ever stop prospecting? I don’t think so. For one, it’s fun to root for a rookie you initially believe in and the gambler in most of us always hope for the potential huge upside by selling their cards for a big profit (ie. Julio Rodriguez).

And for the majority of cards that don’t pan out, you just have to know when to sell and cut your losses…then reinvest in a new card that has more upside.

What do you all think? Are you into prospecting? What tips and advice do you have for those who are into collecting prospects and rookies exclusively?

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