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Top 10 Bowman Chrome auto cards: Carlos Correa (number 6)

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6: Carlos Correa 2013 Bowman Chrome Auto $440
We have reached the number 6 spot on our countdown of the most valuable Bowman Chrome cards, and it belongs to the youngest player on the list: Shortstop Carlos Correa of the Houston Astros.
For readers who plan to follow along with each post in our countdown it is worthwhile to note that the first 5 cards of the countdown could be considered within one tier where for the most part, the price difference between cards from numbers six to 10 on the list are not that far apart.
Correa Web.pngFurthermore, the player on each card covered so far have one thing in common – they are young (under 25), and have demonstrated enormous potential thus far in their careers.
When we zoom back in on Correa then, collectors are really looking at him as the young player of this group with the brightest future. This is despite the fact that when you compare actual production, each of the players listed in six to 10 have so far put together better seasons than Correa.
So why is Correa so highly valued by collectors?
Well, when it comes to Correa it is really all about the limitless ceiling that most scouts and collectors see when forecasting his potential career path. What he has done thus far in his career having just turned only 22 years old is remarkable.
Young shortstop prospects who are just beyond their teenage years are not supposed to immediately flash 20+ homerun power paired with an advanced knack for generating contact. Perhaps you have to go as far back as Alex Rodriguez to find a shortstop who posted better numbers in their age 20 season than Correa.
The other advantage of being so good at a young age is that it gives Correa a couple more seasons to accumulate counting stats and WAR that can go towards a future Hall of Fame resume, while his contemporaries miss out on that opportunity while playing in the minors.
Correa should only get stronger and better with age and experience. If he continues to put in work to improve himself and stay ahead of adjustments that pitchers will attempt to make on him, then his pure talent should help him to have a great career.
As we move on into the top 5 most valuable Bowman Chrome cards, we will see card values begin to rapidly rise as we reach the best of the best. Stay tuned.
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