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This 1/1 cut autograph from 2017 Allen & Ginter is presidential

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It’s not the first autograph signature from a U.S. president that Allen & Ginter released, but it is the most recent.
A 2017 Allen & Ginter cut autograph card featuring the signature of Barack Obama, the 44th U.S. president, is up on eBay for $6,000.
Screen Shot 2017-08-03 at 1.55.04 PM.png
It could be a nice piece of history to own if you’re into politics. But as mentioned previously, there are more cards released by Allen & Ginter signed by former presidents.
That includes the 32nd U.S. president Franklin D. Roosevelt, which we wrote about in a previous post titled: Top 3 most expensive Allen & Ginter autographed cards on eBay are non-sport related.
And there’s also this really historical one featuring the third U.S. president, none other than Thomas Jefferson. It’s also currently going for about $6,000.
Screen Shot 2017-08-03 at 2.05.26 PM.png

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