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The verdict: On-card autographs vs. sticker autographs

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For those who are relatively new to collecting, there probably isn’t a second thought of whether an autographed card is directly on the card itself or on a sticker attached to the card.

In fact, this might be the first time you’re realizing that distinction in autographed cards. All you care at the beginning is that you have a card signed by one of your favorite athletes.
But then, if you’re like me, I started feeling slightly cheated with the card that has the sticker autograph on it.

I get the pros – it allows for card companies to have more of the athlete’s or celebrity’s autograph after they sign a sheet of stickers, which can be placed on more products (including multi-signature cards with two or more players) for collectors to have.

But the cons include dishonest dealers wiping the autograph, peeling off the sticker and reapplying them with counterfeit signatures to other cards that can give them a higher profit.
I’m sure technology is making it difficult for counterfeiters to sell forged autograph products.

But my beef with sticker autographed cards is comparatively trivial.
It’s really about wanting the person signing the card to have actually held the card.

Back in the day (I know I sound like an old person here), the cool thing about getting an autograph from an athlete or celebrity is that they signed what you gave them to sign.

If you can’t get the autograph yourself, the next best thing is to know the card that you now have in your possession was once held and signed by the athlete/celebrity.

That’s worth the premium you’re paying for.

Examples of a high-end sticker autograph card:

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