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Rare PSA 10 graded Derek Jeter rookie card up for auction

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There’s a few Derek Jeter rookie cards that any high end collector must add to their collection, but the 1993 SP Foil might be on the top of that list.
What makes this card in particular so valuable is the condition the card is graded with big differences in value between the different grades.
Let’s just look at the most valuable.
If you search through the PSA’s population report database (new and improved), you’ll see there’s 567 PSA 9 graded cards (MINT) for the 1993 SP Foil of Jeter’s rookie.
Right now, there’s one up for auction with the current bid at $2.7K!
But the real gem (so to speak) is the PSA 10 graded card (GEM MINT) currently going for more than $67K! See the card below with the population report showing there’s only 22 graded this high.
Screen Shot 2018-05-16 at 9.13.17 AM
The foil background is the key here. For a PSA 10, there can’t be any obvious signs of peeling or scratches, which for a foil card is hard to find.
The bidding for this card ends tonight. Click the card to see how much it eventually sells for. And if you’re the one shelling out the big bucks, congrats!
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