POLL: World Baseball Classic (WBC) fun to watch?

Who’s catching the World Baseball Classic on TV these days?
It seems more fun for the baseball players representing their respective countries than it is for spectators. That’s my opinion anyways.
I always enjoy the underdog stories so Israel finishing the opening round with a perfect 3-0 record is definitely an early highlight.
And watching the matchups that you wouldn’t normally see in Major League Baseball is interesting too – like Toronto Blue Jays’ teammates Jose Bautista and Marcus Stroman facing off against each other in an upcoming matchup.
But overall, it feels like there are fans from only a handful of teams that really seem to get into it. From a hobby perspective, it certainly doesn’t feel like there’s any value in the cards of big name players representing their countries.
There is this card (below) that just sold for $7 though.
Screen Shot 2017-03-10 at 4.14.49 PM.png
I could be wrong. What are your thoughts? Take the poll below!

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