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PBA! (Potential bargain alert): Carlos Correa Bowman Chrome autograph rookie

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EDITOR’S NOTE: The card below sold for $600. Great deal!
In addition to bringing news and analysis to our readers at, we want to bring more value by alerting all of you to what we’re calling potential bargain alerts (PBA) on eBay.
It astounds me sometimes that buyers don’t always do simple quick research on whether the card they’re purchasing is a good deal or if they’re paying too much, particularly in an auction.
So whenever we see a card that a PBA is lurking with an auction closing, we’ll provide a link to the eBay listing, the time left in the auction and a suggested max bid based on what another card was recently sold for. There will also be an editor’s note once the auction ends at the start of the blog so you know that bidding for that particular card has ended.
Simple enough?
Screen Shot 2017-07-24 at 12.03.57 PM.pngThe first one is this Carlos Correa 2013 Bowman Chrome Prospect base autographed rookie card (BGS Graded 9.5/10).
With about one hour left in the bidding as of 12:05 p.m. EST (July 24, 2017), the bidding is at $580.
It was recently sold for $690 on July 13 and $595 on July 9. If you can get this card for under $600, consider it a great deal! But with the card currently trending upward, an okay deal would be anything under $700.
Good luck!

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