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P.K. Subban and his top 3 rookie cards

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When he played for the Montreal Canadiens, P.K. Subban was arguably the most entertaining player to watch on that team.

After he was traded to the Nashville Predators, an exciting and entertaining team themselves to watch during the 2017 hockey playoffs, Subban looked like he fit in nicely.

Here’s our picks for the top 3 rookie cards belonging to the electric defenseman.

1. 2010-2011 SP Authentic Future Watch Autographed Patch rookie card (/999)

The SP Authentic Future Watch autographed cards are popular amongst hockey card collectors.

And its value (ungraded) is surprisingly quite affordable. And like most Future Watch base autograph cards, they are numbered to 999.

2. 2010-11 Upper Deck Ice Premieres Rookie Card (/99)

This is another nice alternative to the Future Watch autograph rookie cards.

While it’s not autographed, it is only serial numbered to 99.

3. 2010-2011 Upper Deck Young Guns

Hockey card collectors can’t seem to get enough of the Upper Deck Young Guns collection.

While not serial numbered, the brand is well-known and it’s easier to get your hands on them.

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  1. hanspostcard

    Being a Penguin fan right now he is public enemy #1. What a jerk. I wish he was on the Penguins though.

      1. hanspostcard

        I am thinking the Penguins HAVE to win tonight. I don’t see them winning a game in Nashville they way things are going.

          1. hanspostcard

            I don’t know if it effects the Penguins play as much as it jacks up the Nashville team. But the home town always gets excited when something unexpected like this happens to their team.

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