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Mike Trout 1/1 Superfractors listed for sale

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Any collector with a Mike Trout superfractor autograph baseball card is lucky to have one – and probably has deep pockets.

Not everyone can afford a superfractor Bowman Chrome prospect autograph card like this one collector who shelled out six figures for it.

But there are other Trout 1/1 superfractor cards that won’t cost nearly as much as the iconic Bowman Chrome prospect autograph card.

Check out the ones below and click on the links to see the listings up close.

3 thoughts on “Mike Trout 1/1 Superfractors listed for sale”

  1. Louis Montagna

    hey i have a 2018 bowman’s best ohtani n trout dual auto atomic refractor parallel for sale how do i list and whats that cost me

    1. Great card! Not sure how much it’s going for as it’s a pretty rare card. I couldn’t find a similar comp on eBay. Hope you have better luck!

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