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Miami Marlins broadcaster talks about trading baseball cards

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Anyone connected to the game of baseball whether as a player or a broadcaster probably collected sports cards in their youth.
Watch this MLB video about Miami Marlins broadcaster Todd Hollandsworth answering a young fan’s question about trading baseball cards.
On we talk more about investing in cards to sell later, but I’m sure there are collectors out there who trade amongst each other.
Or am I wrong? Is it primarily a thing of the past when kids would trade with one another by giving any of their doubles (no matter how good/valuable the player might be) for their favorite player’s card they didn’t have?
It seems more difficult to make trades, especially online where there’s a trust issue (ie. ensuring they received the card after giving theirs away).
Maybe this is just a post born out of nostalgia where trading cards is a thing of the past.

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  1. I see plenty of trades out there, the frequency of “blind” trades with one side shipping first and getting a return accordingly is somewhat surprising to me though. I’m not much on trades due to those trust issues myself but I’ve managed to execute some very big trades in person at local shows over the last year instead. Nice topic!

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