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Joe Burrow top rookie cards

Joe Burrow and his top 3 rookie cards

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Selected first overall in the 2020 NFL Draft, Joe Burrow has high expectations to lead the Cincinnati Bengals where Andy Dalton could not.

Even before the start of the 2020 NFL season, Burrow is the favorite to win offensive rookie of the year award.

And there are already a few of his prospect / rookie cards available to collect. Here’s the three we like best (which is sure to be updated as more official releases come from future hobby sets).

1. 2020 Panini Prizm Draft Autograph Rookie Card

Here’s a sticker autograph card on a popular set featuring Burrow in his LSU college uniform.

As usual for Panini Prizm sets, there are plenty of parallel cards to collect with the rare ones currently listed for a few thousand dollars.

2. 2020 Leaf Metal Draft Armed and Dangerous Autograph Rookie Card

The Leaf Trading Cards may not be as popular as the Panini sets but they do have some of the earlier card releases of some of the top rookies in the game.

The Leaf Metal Draft has a subset called Armed and Dangerous, which consists of a sticker autograph of Burrow. And it comes in various parallels with some extremely rare ones printed.

Even if it doesn’t have any logos (without the NFL licence), these cards currently have high-end value.

3. 2020 Leaf Ultimate Draft Autograph Rookie Card

Here’s another sharp looking card from the Leaf Trading Card set with various parallels also available.

Again, it’s a sticker autograph (we’ll update this post once the on-card autographs are released), but they’re much more affordable than the aforementioned rookie cards.

BONUS: 2020 Panini Select Autograph Rookie Patch Card

Here’s a more recent release from the Panini Select set.

This one is for those looking to have both a relic patch and an autograph.

Some of the lower numbered cards are already going for thousands.

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  1. George Bruneau

    I have a pink wave /10 Metal Leaf Armed & Dangerous Joe Burrow if you are interested in purchasing it. Same card you have listed for $999.95 I would sell to you for $500.


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