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How I can relate to the Jose Canseco supercollector

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Here’s a cool story of Tanner Jones, the Jose Canseco supercollector.
Give it a read here and find out the lengths he went to accumulate his collection and eventually getting to meet the one half of the Bash Brothers himself.
Screen Shot 2017-03-10 at 11.48.48 PM.pngIt’s funny to me because I had a connection with Canseco myself. For the longest time since my little league days, I’ve played with a old Rawlings glove with Canseco’s signature branded on the palm.
When I played ball, that glove was an extension of me. I’ve made some spectacular catches over the course of many seasons from little league to the beer league.
It was a sad day when I had to replace it after catching a routine pop fly when I heard a snap and cracked the bone in my left ring finger. The glove had worn so thin that I essentially caught it was my bare hand.
The memories.
Now I always name my fantasy baseball team after Canseco. I think I should take it one step further and like Tanner, start my own collection of Canseco cards.

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