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2017 Topps Clearly Authentic autographed cards already popping up on eBay

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With all the cards from the 2017 Topps Clearly Authentic set consisting of an on-card autograph on see-through acetate, each one has a sharp look.
Screen Shot 2017-08-16 at 10.17.31 PM.pngPlus every card is encased for added protection.
Some have already started popping up on eBay including a mix of rookie superstars with the 2017 Topps design as well as reprints from days past with autographs from former all-stars.
For example, here’s a reprint of the 1992 Derek Jeter rookie card with The Captain’s autograph currently going for a minimum bid of $500 (numbered to just 30). 
A more current card, which is just as sweet is this Mike Trout blue acetate card numbered to just 25.
Screen Shot 2017-08-16 at 11.48.42 PM.png
And there are some at lower price points like this Houston Astros’ George Springer here numbered to 50 going for a minimum bid of $89.99.
I’m sure there will be a lot more impressive looking cards, especially the classic reprints, that will be available as more people rip into this cool set.

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