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MLB Debut patch rookie cards

Will MLB Debut Patch Rookie Card reign supreme?

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Ever since the MLB Debut Patch autograph rookie card was announced and inserted into the 2023 Topps Chrome Update set, some began to question whether this would be the more coveted card over the rookie’s superfractor autograph rookie card.

They’re both 1/1s, on-card autographed, and for top rookies they’ll both cost a fortune.

But the superfractor rookie card has history on its side and the iconic look of the golden concentric circles.

While the MLB Debut Patch rookie card has the brilliant concept of taking the patch worn by the rookie on their uniform during the first game and then embedding that same patch into a card.

We debated which of the 1/1s would be more desired in the future on our podcast Cards To The Moon. But there’s no denying the MLB Debut Patch rookie card will be highly sought after.

The Anthony Volpe MLB Debut Patch had a bounty of $150,000 so with arguably a better rookie class this season, an educated guess on how much such rookie sensations Jackson Holliday and Jackson Chourio would probably be north of that $150K mark.

For other rookies, it shouldn’t go as high but they will still cost at least a thousand. You can see the ones listed on eBay already below.

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