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Michael Jordan dual autograph basketball cards

Which Michael Jordan dual autograph card would you have?

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On today’s eBay auction block are two amazing dual autograph basketball cards with Michael Jordan’s signature on each card.

The other signature belongs to Lebron James on the 2003 Upper Deck Legends Impressions card, while the other has Larry Bird on the 2004 Upper Deck Exquisite Collection card.

The first is in BGS 9.5/10 condition and numbered to 25. The other is graded BGS 8.5/10 but only numbered to 5 with a patch autograph on it.

If you’re going by value, the MJ/Lebron card is what you’re going for but if dollars weren’t a factor, which would you rather have as a basketball fan?

Here are the links below to see the listings directly, which you can bid on before the auction is done today (Oct. 22).

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1. 2003 UD Legends Impressions Michael Jordan LeBron James RC AUTO /25 BGS 9.5

Michal Jordan Lebron James dual autograph Upper Deck basketball card

2. 2004 Exquisite Collection Michael Jordan Larry Bird AUTO PATCH /5 BGS 8.5

Michael Jordan Larry Bird dual autograph Upper Deck

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1 thought on “Which Michael Jordan dual autograph card would you have?”

  1. I owned a card shop for years 1998-2006 and had a buddy who I bought cards for periodically. I purchased for him off eBay the Jordan/Woods dual relic autograph 02-03 UD Superstars “Legendary Leaders” card that everybody thinks is a ghost card. It actually is number 15/25 and is BGS graded an 8.5 unfortunately but autograph’s are 10’s. But it’s protected at least and the autographs look like they where just signed. You can find a picture of this card on Google ungraded which is interesting as I bought this card for him some years ago, maybe 10-12off eBay. Anyway just trying to get a real value of it. Thinking about listing it on eBay or driving up to Rosemont in Chicago to see about selling it and some other Jordan Ultimate Collection autographs at the show later this month. Can you give us some idea of it’s value. I sold my shop in 2006 when eBay was really rolling and don’t do a ton with cards like I used to. Thanks for any help.

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