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VIDEO: A more in-depth look at grading cards (by PSA)

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We provided a sort of cheatsheet on what card grading is for beginner hobbyists and the importance of it in the hobby these days.
But for more experienced collectors or those who are genuinely interested, this 10-minute video goes into more detail on how the Professional Sports Authenticator (PSA) grades the cards submitted to them.

The video also goes into what factors come into play when grading cards such as the context, which means different criteria is set depending on whether the sports card is vintage or from a more recent set.
And for the hardcore hobbyist in you, it also shows the environment in which these cards are graded – imagine being in a dark room for hours on end!
Take a look for yourself.

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  1. Anyone who saw the Strasburg superfractor grade video questions the legitimacy of the process, but that was Beckett 🙂

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