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Victor Wembanyama rookie cards

Top 3 Victor Wembanyama rookie cards

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Even before the 2023 NBA Draft ended, what basketball card collectors knew two things: the number one pick would be Victor Wembanyama, and that Victor Wembanyama rookie cards would go for a premium right from the start.

Hailing from France, the 7-foot-2-inch basketball prodigy already garnered attention from top scouts and coaches worldwide as a teenager.

Yes he’s got his towering presence but what he could do for a player his size combined with an impressive wingspan and exceptional mobility is truly remarkable.

Scouts will also be quick to mention his ability to effortlessly block shots, his smooth shooting stroke, extending beyond the three-point line with ease (a la Kevin Durant?).

Now it’s time to see if it translate to the NBA game but all things point upward. Here are some of his “rookie cards” currently available to buy.

2022-23 Bowman’s Best University Autograph Victor Wembanyama Rookie Card

One of his earlier autograph cards can be found in the 2022-23 Bowman University set.

The photo features Wemby in a Metropolitans 92 uniform and the background is familiar to Bowman’s Best set collectors.

You also have your color parallels with varying rarities as expected to chase.

2023 Sports Illustrated SI for Kids Victor Wembanyama Rookie Card

Arguably the very first rookie or prospect card to come out is the one found in the 2023 Sports Illustrated for Kids magazine.

It’s arguable because some may not consider this a trading card at all being part of a magazine page where you would have to cut yourself along the perforated edges.

Nonetheless, this card of Wemby still goes for hundreds if in good condition (and in particular good centering)

2023 Bowman U Chrome Prospect Autograph Victor Wembanyama Rookie Card

Here’s the one many more collectors started to chase with the release of the Bowman U Chrome set.

But the Victor Wembanyama autograph rookie card was released as a redemption (hence most of the initial listings selling the redemption card itself).

MORE ON VICTOR WEMBANYAMA: Wembanyama first gained attention in the European basketball scene, dominating youth competitions and attracting the eyes of scouts and coaches.

In 2020, he made his debut at the age of 16 for Nanterre 92 in the French top-tier league. Wembanyama also excelled on the international stage, representing France in various youth tournaments, earning MVP honors and leading his team to victory.

Now that he’s drafted by the San Antonio Spurs, Wembanyama is looking to prove to all that he is indeed this generational talent.

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