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Top 10 Bowman Chrome auto cards: Corey Seager (number 7)

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7: Corey Seager 2012 Bowman Chrome Auto $420
As we march forward in our countdown, the stars become bigger and bigger. Coming in at number 7 is the 1st prospect card of last year’s rookie of the year and runner up for the National League MVP at the ripe age of 22.
Despite playing only one complete season, collectors seem to be gushing at the chance to add this card to their collection, and pay big bucks to do so.
Seager_Web.pngWhile Seager’s rookie season production was stellar (.306/.365/.512 line with 26 HRs and 6.1 WAR) the hype has been building for quite a few years now.
As a prospect, Seager was outstanding at every level hitting the ball with authority, making great contact and putting up solid numbers. In 2015, Seager began the season within the top 10 of best prospects list, and by season end he would be awarded as Baseball America’s AAA player of the year.
So when we arrive now to Seager’s rookie year, the feeling in retrospect is that what he accomplished (as great as it was) could be considered the expected outcome based on his prospect pedigree and immense talent.
In order to boost his value, Seager is going to have to do more than just replicate his 2016 numbers, he’ll have to show growth. Of all the players who have a card in our Top 10 list, Seager has played the least amount of games. This means that he has less of a track record to back him up incase he doesn’t show growth, or gets bitten by the injury bug.
There is a risk with investing in Seager now at $425 instead of Betts, Arenado, or Machado who can all be had for a lower cost. The payout of course can be immense, because at the end of the day we are taking about a very talented 22-year-old who should have his strongest years ahead of him if everything goes right.
So which cards left in our Bowman Chrome countdown can be worth more than Seager’s 1st prospect auto? Number 6 will be revealed tomorrow.
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