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Top 10 Bowman Chrome auto cards: Clayton Kershaw (number 5)

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5: Clayton Kershaw 2006 Bowman Chrome Auto $650
We have officially now entered the top 5 of the most valuable Bowman Chrome cards.
Each card remaining in our list from this point forward is respected as among the most desired cards to collect in modern baseball and as a result, you’ll notice that the prices are going to start getting a lot higher.
Kershaw Web.pngIt’s fitting then that the card that brings us into this next tier belongs to the best pitcher in the game today, Clayton Kershaw of the Los Angeles Dodgers.
Pitchers are usually a risky investment for card collectors because it’s unfortunately all too common to see a pitcher suffer a major injury that derails their career, or their production fall off a cliff as they rack up the mileage on their arm.
Kershaw is the exception to the rule though thanks to his consistent dominance (registering a sub 3.00 ERA every year since 2009), and racking up enough career accolades that you make an arguable case for him to become a Hall of Famer even if he decided to retire today.
Kershaw just turned 29 yesterday and he has already won an MVP award (2014), three Cy-Young awards (2011, 2013 and 2014), registered 1,900 strikeouts including 300 in one year (2015), accumulated 52.7 WAR and owns a career 2.55 ERA and 1.00 WHIP. That is unbelievable!
Considering all of Kershaw’s accomplishments, it is easy to see why a collector would be so eager to acquire his 2006 Bowman Chrome 1st prospect auto. It may cost $650, but we are talking about a legend in the making and a player who will go down as the best pitcher of his generation.
When it’s all said and done there is little reason to doubt that the valuation of this card could grow.
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