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Top 10 Bowman Chrome auto cards: Bryce Harper (number 4)

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4: Bryce Harper 2011 Bowman Chrome Auto $850
Coming in at number four is the 1st prospect auto card belonging to one of the most anticipated players to enter the majors in recent memory, Bryce Harper.
Harper is probably right now the most difficult player to analyze a fair market value for simply because the range of outcomes for his career is so wide.
Harper webOf all the players in the majors right now, Harper is the only player who analysts were even considering to be on the same level as Mike Trout (and some were beginning to do this in April before his season took a turn for the worse).
On the other hand, due to injuries, recklessness and sometimes mysterious reasons Harper has only put together just one elite season so far. The optimist camp will then quickly come back and point out that the one elite season was offensively the best we’ve seen since prime Albert Pujols or Alexander Rodriguez or Barry Bonds, and that Harper is still only 24 years old.
Ultimately, because Harper’s career has fluctuated so much between extreme highs and extreme lows you could argue one side or the other all day.
As we reported a couple weeks though, it appears that whatever led to Harper’s struggles in 2016 (likely injuries) is likely behind him, and he should be motivated to duplicate on his MVP season in 2015.
It looks like enough collectors seem to believe a bounce back is probable as well considering that this card is selling for $200 more than the number five card on our list, Clayton Kershaw’s 2006 prospect auto card –and Kershaw is one of the most reliable players in the game today.
Harper represents the classic tale of balancing high risk with high reward. What is fun about cards such as this one is that everyone should have an opinion of how much it is worth because what you think about its valuation has a lot to do with your investment philosophies.
Share with us your thoughts: Should Bryce Harper’s 2011 Bowman Chrome auto card be worth as much as it is?
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