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To rip or not to rip? That is the question for this double Allen & Ginter rip card featuring Mike Trout, Kris Bryant

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Whenever I see a rip card or double rip card, I wonder if there’s usually more value in actually ripping it or selling it to someone who would pay to rip it themselves.
Screen Shot 2017-08-06 at 11.01.24 PM.pngI suppose it depends on which player might be on the front of the rip cards that might factor in someone’s decision.
Like this one on eBay featuring two of the hottest baseball players to play the game today – Chicago Cubs Kris Bryant and Los Angeles Angels Mike Trout.
The fact that it’s numbered to just 10 makes it really intriguing. One can hope for a super short print with an autograph.
But you could end up with a couple of unsigned short print cards, which isn’t bad (depending on the player) but probably could have been better – kind of like the video below.

What would you do?

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