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Tiger Woods Rookie Cards

Top 3 Tiger Woods rookie cards

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Arguably the best golfer in history, Tiger Woods is getting even more attention with two documentaries (from ESPN and HBO) featuring the golf icon, which might bring more attention to Tiger Woods rookie cards.

And with the boom of the hobby, any documentary on an athlete seems to boost their sports card value as well (ie. Michael Jordan and Serena Williams).

So if you’re on the lookout for some Tiger Woods rookie cards, here’s our favorite 3 to invest in. Already considered the GOAT to many golf enthusiasts, many of his cards will already be at a premium.

But GOAT cards tend to be great long-term holds.

1. 2001 SP Authentic Stars Autograph Rookie Card

Any on-card autograph rookie card of Tiger Woods already holds tremendous value.

And there are several different autograph cards available to collect from his rookie season.

Most will cost in the thousands, if not tens of thousands, already for well-graded ones. One of the most valuable currently is the SP Authentic Stars Tiger Woods rookie card, which also has a number of parallels with low serial numbers.

2. 2001 Upper Deck Rookie Card #1

The go-to non-autograph rookie card for many collectors will be this 2001 Upper Deck rookie card.

While there are many available, the better graded ones, especially the PSA 10, will go for substantially more.

But if you just want a lower graded one for your personal collection, this card is definitely more financially accessible.

3. 1996 Sports Illustrated For Kids Rookie Card

If you’re looking for one of the earliest cards of Tiger Woods, it might just be cardboard cutout found in Sports Illustrated for Kids.

It has increased steadily in value and for a die-hard Tiger fan, it is a must-have.

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