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Monopoly Prizm NBA basketball cards

The Best Monopoly Prizm NBA basketball cards

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Since the release of the Monopoly Prizm NBA basketball card set (BUY ON AMAZON), collectors have been flocking Target to buy them with some flipping them for big bucks.

Monopoly Prizm

(If you’re looking for the 2023-24 Monopoly Prizm release, visit our post here.)

There’s already some criticism of the design which doesn’t change much from the regular Prizm cards (and some questionable choice of photos used for the cards, ie. Trae Young seemingly playing against his own teammates or the colorless Color Blast cards).

But there are plenty of parallels to chase as you’d expect with Prizm sets including the 1/1 Black Prizms, Gold Prizms, and the new GO Space prizms, which is one of our favorites.

And it features some of the best rookies including Paolo Banchero who still doesn’t have many basketball cards out there for him (yet).

If you can’t find a retail box to buy or are just hunting singles, here’s some hits from the Monopoly Prizm NBA basketball card sets currently listed below.

GO Space Monopoly Prizm NBA cards

With the nice silver prizm look and the iconic GO Monopoly sign all the way around the border, this is one of the cleaner parallels (and mostly affordable) to collect.

Black Monopoly Prizm 1/1 NBA cards

As mentioned before, there are the rare 1/1 Black Prizm cards, which command big dollars already regardless of player.

If there are any listed on eBay, we’ll continue to update this page with the listings below!

Pink Money Shimmer Monopoly Prizm NBA cards

Very distinct parallel with its bright pink colors and the shimmer effect, this card is only numbered to 5.

Some of the top rookies like Banchero and Chet Holmgren have already been pulled.

Highest Dollar Listed Monopoly Prizm NBA cards

Breakdown of rarity of parallels in the Monopoly Prizm NBA set (SHOP ON EBAY)

Parallel TypeSerial Numbering
Gold Money Shimmer Prizms/500
Brown Prizms/249
Light Blue Prizms/199
Pink Prizms/149
Orange Prizms/124
Red Money Shimmer Prizms/100
Red Prizms/99
Purple Money Shimmer Prizms/50
Gold Prizms/49
Green Prizms/24
Green Money Shimmer Prizms/20
Blue Prizms/15
Blue Money Shimmer Prizms/10
Gold Wave Money Prizms/10
Neon Green Prizms/10
Black Gold Prizms/5
Pink Money Shimmer Prizms/5
Black Prizms/1
White Money Shimmer Prizms/1

And here’s a list of the parallel types that are not numbered in the set:

  • Silver Prizms
  • Boardwalk Blue Tiger Stripe Prizms
  • Free Parking Prizms
  • GO Space Prizms
  • Handshake Deal Prizms
  • Monopoly Black Classic Icons Prizms
  • Question Mark Prizms
  • Red Dice Prizms
  • Running Mr. Monopoly Prizms
  • Teal Wave Prizms
  • White Sparkle Prizms

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