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Chicago Cubs vs Boston Red Sox: An early World Series preview?

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If asked to pick two teams to make the World Series this year, the Chicago Cubs and Boston Red Sox might have the best odds.
So this interleague series between the two historic teams starting today is one to watch for baseball fans.
cubsbosoxFrom a card collecting stand point, many of the players on both these teams should see a nice bump in value with a greater one for being on the winning side.
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Kris Bryant reminds everyone about his homerun power

  • 1 min read

As if anyone forgotten, Chicago Cubs Kris Bryant showcased his power Saturday, April 15 by hitting his first homer of 2017 in Wrigley Field off the scoreboard.
It’s what scouts kept talking about when Bryant was making his way through the minors with some expecting a 50-homerun season on the horizon.
Screen Shot 2017-04-15 at 5.46.36 PM.pngWhen looking at his rookie card value, in particular his 2013 Bowman Chrome Draft autograph rookie, it seems to have stabilized at the $1,000 mark (just below the value of Bryce Harper’s 2011 Bowman Chrome Prospect autographed rookie).
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Top 10 Bowman Chrome auto cards: Kris Bryant (number 3)

  • 3 min read

3: Kris Bryant 2013 Bowman Chrome Draft Auto $1,025
Landing in the number three spot is Kris Bryant’s 2013 Bowman Chrome prospect auto card, the first card in our countdown to cross the $1,000 valuation mark.
What is confusing about this particular card is that you won’t find it in in packs or boxes of 2013 Bowman Chrome Draft. Instead it was released in the 2014 release of Bowman Inception, Platinum and Chrome.
Bryant_WEBIt’s difficult to tell what impact this decision by Topps ultimately has on the value of the card (is it more valuable because it was so unpredictable where it would turn up?) because of the lack of precedent. If we leave that point aside though and focus on the facts of the featured player, it becomes clear why collectors are eager to spend so much on this card.
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Happy birthday to the underrated Joe Carter

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It’s actually a belated birthday wish but better late than never, right?
Besides, the fact his birthday is not top of mind for many baseball enthusiasts (unless you’re a Toronto Blue Jays fan) kind of goes with how people remember his baseball career.
I’m not sure why he doesn’t get more baseball love despite a very productive career, which includes 10 seasons with 100-plus RBIs, five all-star game appearances and nearly 400 homeruns (just four shy) to his overall stat line.
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