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basketball rookie cards

Anthony Davis rookie cards

Top 3 Anthony Davis rookie cards

Anthony Davis’ move to the LA Lakers to play alongside Lebron James is certainly playing dividends and his rookie cards could as well for basketball card collectors.

Ja Morant top rookie sports cards

Top 3 Ja Morant rookie cards

Ja Morant may have been drafted number 2 overall, but he’s got a decent shot to win Rookie of the Year this season and to see the value of his rookie cards soar even higher.

Kyrie Irving rookie cards

Top 3 Kyrie Irving rookie cards

For those looking to collect or invest in Kyrie Irving rookie cards, here are his top 3 in our opinion and where to buy / bid online (links provided).

Top 3 De’Aaron Fox rookie cards

Poised to take another big step in his development as one of the most promising point guards in the NBA, De’Aaron Fox is getting noticed too in the hobby.

Top 3 Michael Jordan rookie cards

For many basketball fans, Michael Jordan will be the GOAT – ahead of Lebron James, Kobe Bryant, and anyone else who’s played in the NBA.

Top 3 Kawhi Leonard rookie cards

After the 2019 NBA playoffs, Kawhi Leonard will have cemented himself as a bonafide superstar especially when it comes to the post-season.