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basketball rookie cards

Brandon Ingram Rookie Cards

Top 3 Brandon Ingram rookie cards

The shiny new thing on the New Orleans Pelicans is Zion Williamson and he’s been getting all the attention (and rightly so), but collectors should also take a look at teammate Brandon Ingram.

Kemba Walker rookie cards

Top 3 Kemba Walker rookie cards

Jayson Tatum might be getting more headlines with the Boston Celtics, but Kemba Walker shouldn’t be overshadowed too much during the 2020 playoff run.

Jayson Tatum Top Rookie Cards

Top 3 Jayson Tatum rookie cards

With the departure of Kyrie Irving from the Boston Celtics, fans are looking to Jayson Tatum to lead them to post-season success and in the foreseeable future.

Vince Carter rookie cards

Top 3 Vince Carter rookie cards

It’s official. After 22 seasons in the NBA, Vince Carter, aka Vinsanity, is retiring. It wouldn’t be a surprise to see his rookie cards continue to increase in value until he most likely gets inducted into the Hall.

Allen Iverson Best Basketball Cards

The Best Allen Iverson basketball cards

We’re giving him a big shout out to Allen Iverson who was incredible in his prime, leading the league in scoring four times and steals three times. Oh and he also led the league in minutes per game five times.

Michael Porter Jr. rookie cards

Top 3 Michael Porter Jr. rookie cards

Michael Porter Jr.’s potential has never been in doubt but whether he could shake off injury concerns has some wondering whether he can reach his full potential in his NBA career.

Kevin Garnett rookie cards

Top 3 Kevin Garnett rookie cards

While Kobe Bryant will get most of the attention into being inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame, Kevin Garnett also deserves some of the attention.