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Julio Rodriguez rookie cards

Julio Rodriguez and his top 3 rookie cards

If you still believe in his talent as a top prospect with a very good eye and feel of the strike zone, then there might be a good buying opportunity for Rodriguez rookie cards.

2022 Underrated Baseball Rookie Cards

Some underrated baseball rookie cards worth checking out

If you missed our podcast episode on Cards To The Moon where we invited Scottie B. Cards to talk about the best active MLB players with the highest career average WAR stat, we discussed which baseball rookie cards might be a good buy.

Ichiro Suzuki and his top 3 rookie cards

What an amazing career by the original Japanese sensation Ichiro Suzuki who collected more than 3,000 hits during his MLB career (after nine seasons playing in Japan!)

To acknowledge the surefire Hall of Famer (in 2025), we list his best rookie cards in our opinion for collectors to collect.