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Should the hobby show more love to defensive superstars (like Kevin Pillar)?

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The guys who mash get all the love.
But how about the defensive superstars like Toronto Blue Jays Kevin Pillar?
Check out this amazing catch from last night’s game robbing Jose Ramirez of a sure triple.

For any Jays fan, they already know this almost seems routine for Pillar, aka Superman (see the YouTube vid below this article for a compilation of more of his incredible catches).
When it comes to the hobby though, there seems to be very limited value on players like Pillar who aren’t great offensively but extraordinary on defence.
Want his 2013 Bowman Chrome Prospects refractor autographed rookie card (ungraded)? It was just marked down to $17.49.
Of course, if you’re already an offensive superstar plus a Gold Glove recipient, that’s a nice value added for those players. Anthony Rizzo is a good example.
The question is then, should Gold Glove winners like Pillar who don’t contribute as much anywhere else get more hobby love?


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