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Shaquille O'Neal and his three top rookie cards

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In honor of the big man’s birthday today, narrowed down his top three rookie cards any collector would be happy to have.
It wasn’t as easy as expected with many of his rookie cards having that cheesy early-1990s look, which was probably “cool” upon its initial release.
Today? Not so much.
Screen Shot 2017-03-06 at 5.11.44 PM.png1992 Upper Deck Rookie Card #1
You don’t see these time-lapse camera exposure shots often in sports cards anymore. But it seems to work here.
Like most sports cards in the 1990s, this card was over-produced which significantly deflated its initial value.
But if you’re lucky to have one in Gem Mint condition, which is difficult to find due to the black borderless photo (with any imperfection clearly visible), you have yourself a rookie card worth a few hundred dollars.
Value (as of March 2017): $410 (PSA Graded GEM MT 10)
Screen Shot 2017-03-06 at 5.17.25 PM.png1992 Topps Stadium Club #247
Back then, Topps Stadium Club to me was the “high-end” packs that featured sports cards with really nice photographs.
The gloss on the card also contributed to its high-quality appeal along with the nice action shot.
This card is readily available but there is also a Members Only parallel issued as a stamped factory set, which has a little more value of course.
Value (as of March 2017): $40 (PSA Graded GEM MT 10)
Screen Shot 2017-03-06 at 5.04.09 PM.png1992-1993 Fleer Ultra Rookie Card #328
A great action shot on the card with a rookie tag under the Fleer Ultra logo. Plus he’s sticking out his tongue in the full-bleed photo.
The green marble look where his name is printed is a nice touch.
Full disclosure: I have this rookie card in my collection ever since I opened it from a pack 25 years ago. I thought it would be worth more by now but it still has great sentimental value.
Value (as of March 2017): $25 (PSA Graded GEM MT 10)

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