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Serena Williams rookie cards

Top 3 Serena Williams rookie cards

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With news in 2022 of Serena Williams, arguably one of the greatest to have played tennis, retiring, Serena Williams rookie cards could see an increase in value.

But some rookie cards are valued much higher than others.

And there are a few that look very similar to one another so be sure to pay attention to the details. For example, the Netpro rookie cards are much cheaper than the Netpro Glossy. And then there are different variations too in the Netpro Glossy set.

Here are the best tennis cards of Serena Williams we like best below.

1. 2003 Netpro Glossy Rookie Card #G1

This features Williams in a nice horizontal action shot. Many collectors currently consider this the go-to rookie card.

These card values range greatly depending on the value of the card itself with PSA 10s easily in five-figure territory.

2. 2003 Netpro Elite Glossy Rookie Card #G2

For those looking for the tradition vertical sports cards that has good high-end value, look to the 2003 Netpro Elite Glossy card #G2.

It features Williams about to serve the ball. These glossy versions are limited to a print run of 100 making this card especially rare.

3. 2003 Netpro International Preview Rookie Card #P2

Another limited set is the Preview parallel frome the 2003 Netpro International Series set, which is serial numbered to 500.

But for those who don’t have the budget for the Preview card, the base card is much more affordable and available.

BONUS: 1999 SI Sports Illustrated Kids Series 4 

If you’re looking for the very first card, collectors will have to find it in the 1999 Sports Illustrated for Kids issue.

Of course, like other SI for Kids cards (ie. Tiger Woods), it’s part of a perforated sheet, which means the condition could range depending on how the card was ripped from the page.

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