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Russell Wilson best rookie cards

Russell Wilson and his top 3 rookie cards

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This article here might have been published in 2017 but it seems to be a good gauge of who the best Seattle Seahawks quarterbacks are of all time – and at number one? Russell Wilson of course.

Perennially leading the team in the playoffs, Russell Wilson is one big reason why the Seahawks always have a chance to go all the way.

He’s already got a Super Bowl ring as well as the all-time leader in playoff wins as of 2020.

For those looking to invest in his rookie cards, here’s our top 3 picks with links to find them for sale.

1. 2012 Panini Contenders Rookie Ticket Autograph #225

The Panini Contenders Rookie Ticket subset is a popular one for football rookie card collectors.

Wilson happens to have a couple of variations to collect – one in a blue jersey and the other in white.

It’s also serial numbered with some parallels more rare than others, which give it great value.

2. 2012 Topps Chrome Autograph Rookie Card

For collectors looking to pay less for an autograph card of Wilson, the Topps Chrome rookie card is a good choice.

Albeit being a sticker autograph, the Topps Chrome rookie comes in various parallels and the more common ones can still be had as of early 2020 for a few hundred dollars (graded too).

3. 2012 Upper Deck Exquisite Collection Rookie Patch Autograph

We haven’t forgotten the rookie patch autograph collectors.

The 2012 Upper Deck Exquisite Collection might not have Wilson in his Seahawks uniform, but you do get a patch from his college days with the Wisconsin Badgers.

While the very low serial number cards go for thousands currently, there are the less rare ones that are on sale for a few hundred.

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  1. I have something that I’m looking into as completely one of his rarest also. It’s his 2012 bowman sterling MRA-OWPJ box topper. I’d be curious on what u think this might be worth. It’s serial number is 3/10. So there’s that also. Thanks

  2. I was wondering if u could give me any information besides the normal info the company put out for its release. I can’t find anything on this card. Thanks

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