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Revisiting the value of Boston Red Sox ace Chris Sale's rookie card

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At the start of the 2017 season, we wrote about the potential for Chris Sale’s rookie card to increase due to several factors.
We even proclaimed the owners of the 2010 Bowman Chrome Prospect autographed rookie cards in particular were the real winners of the offseason.
chrissaleHaving changed socks from the Chicago White Sox to the Boston Red Sox, a much better and historic ballclub, that in itself should provide ample opportunity for growth in value.
After the trade, the prices already creeping up from around $50 to $90. And as long as he continued to pitch the way he has in his career, the value should increase further.
And boy has it with Sale dominating as the Boston Red Sox ace (better than last year’s Cy Young winner Rick Porcello and another stud pitcher in David Price) striking out double digit players multiple times this season.
His Bowman Chrome base autographed (BGS Graded 9.5./10) recently sold for $230, doubling his card’s value in less than three months.
It’s too late to buy low but the way he’s pitching, it’s not buying that high now either.

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