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Pete Alonso rookie cards

Top 3 Pete Alonso rookie cards

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New York Mets star slugger Pete Alonso has always had potential and this season he’s showing it in a big way (with the value of Pete Alonso rookie cards increasing as a result too).

He’s already breaking some records such as the NL record for most home runs by a rookie before the All-Star break (previously set by Cody Bellinger).

His rookie card value is increasing although some more than others.

Here’s our pick for his best rookie cards on the market and the links for them on eBay.

1. 2016 Bowman Chrome Draft Autograph Pete Alonso Rookie Cards #CDA-PA

For top baseball prospects, the Bowman Chrome prospect autograph card (if they signed one) is usually the most valuable.

And the different parallel refractors available also add to the value the more rare they are.

The superfractor is currently listed on eBay which will set you back six figures but you can see more affordable options below.

2. 2017 Topps Heritage Real One Autograph Pete Alonso Rookie Cards #ROA-PA2

The Real One autograph cards in the Topps Heritage set is also popular amongst rookie card collectors.

Alonso has one with an on-card autograph and there are also a few parallel refractors available to chase (including one parallel that has no first name issued on the card).

It’s also much more affordable than the aforementioned Bowman Chrome prospect auto.

3. 2019 Topps Finest Rookie Autograph Pete Alonso Rookie Cards #443

On nice chromium stock, this rookie card also comes with an on-card autograph and a full complement of rainbow refractor parallels.

It’s his first pack-issued rookie card as well and more readily available, making this nice rookie card more affordable.

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  1. There are so many Rookie Cards! Would you say Topp Series 2 is the flagship ? I’m just trying to figure out which “Rookie” Card came out first. So i can purchase the cheapest version of it.

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