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BGS Black Label Sports Cards

Perfectly Graded BGS Black Label Autograph Sports Cards

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Collectors love the PSA 10 graded cards, but is there anything better than the perfectly graded Beckett BGS Black Label graded cards?

And for sports cards that have an autograph on it, the double 10s are a sight to behold. Having all 10 subgrades for corners, edges, surface, and centering is certainly rare.

It might be the only time that as a collector, I’d pay a premium for the grade (if I also liked the card of course) where normally a wise piece of advice is to “buy the card, not the grade.”

That said, how much the premium is certainly matters as you can see some of the cards listed below that are currently for sale are set at supremely high prices for the marquis players.

Compare an Aaron Judge 2013 Bowman Chrome Autograph Rookie Base Card that’s graded a PSA 10 with a 10 auto grade to a BGS Black 10/10.

The former can be found listed for $9,000 (as of 2022) but the Black Label is listed for $50,000. Is it worth the $41,000 in price? Probably not but to each their own.

You can check out other Black Labels up for sale below.

Also if you didn’t hear about the proposed new BGS Beckett Grading Scale, catch up on the details here in this post.

MORE INFO ABOUT THE BECKETT BLACK LABEL CARDS: Before the Beckett Black Label existed, the highest grade from Beckett Grading Services was a BGS 10 Pristine ever since it was first issued in 1999.

But Beckett took it to the next level with the Beckett Black Label trading card that reaches the quad-10 level (with four subgrades of 10).

But there’s a catch. This newer grade is only for modern cards and not valid for any BVG cards (1980 and older). So sorry, vintage card collectors.

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