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1986 Fleer Basketball wrapped wax box

Open 1986 Fleer Basketball Wax Box or Hold for Long-term Investment?

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This is a question for the super high-end collectors out there who can afford to buy a wrapped wax box of 1986 Fleer Basketball: Do you buy a box and chase Michael Jordan rookie cards or hold onto it as a longer term investment?

There are a couple listed on eBay and as you can see in the list below, each box is going for six-figures already.

Now if you average 2 or 3 MJ cards per box, it might give you a nice profit. You can see how much some of the single Fleer rookies go for now here in this post.

The big question is in what condition are they in?

The price difference between a PSA 8 to 9 to 10 are significant (check out the video below on why PSA and BGS 10 Jordan cards cost a pretty penny.)

But if you like to gamble, like we mentioned before, there are some boxes and even unopened packs listed on eBay (see below).

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