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NSCC 2019 highlights (Day 2): Some amazing vintage cards for sale

For some of the best sports card auctions currently listed ending today, check out our Daily Auctions page, which is updated frequently!

What’s great about the National Sports Collectors Convention is that there’s something for every collector.

Whether you’re into a particular sport, autograph cards, or cards from a certain decade, you’ll likely find a booth that sells what you’re looking for.

Today, we saw this tweet from a booth with an amazing array of vintage cards!

It’s certainly, “all kinds of awesome.”

While it’s not the same as seeing these historic vintage cards in person, for those itching to buy one who aren’t at the National this year, here’s a list below of some great vintage cards on eBay currently.

If you missed the NSCC highlights from Day 1, check out this post here.

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