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Nothing like opening a fresh pack and scoring a huge hit – like a Michael Jordan Fleer rookie card

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Here’s a tweet with an embedded video showing the opening of a 1986 Fleer Basketball box, which of course has the iconic Michael Jordan rookie card.

Seems like getting an unopened box of the 1986 set is quite the feat in itself. But to open one and get not one, not two but three Jordan rookies from the box is pretty amazing.
If you check on eBay, one that’s PSA Graded 10 is currently listed for $30,000 (click link to see eBay listing).
A PSA Graded 9 goes for significantly less at $5,699.99.
For those who like cards that are graded by Beckett, there’s a Fleer Jordan rookie that’s BGS Graded 9.5, which is listed for $11,955.
Wonder how much the three that were just pulled will go for once they’re graded?

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