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Top 3 Nolan Arenado rookie cards

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A superstar player for the Colorado Rockies and now for the St. Louis Cardinals, Nolan Arenado looks to still have a bright future ahead of him. That should make Nolan Arenado rookie cards have a nice base value although some collectors might argue it should be worth a lot more now.

His consistency in offensive production since entering the league and his defensive skills certainly hasn’t gone unnoticed.

But compared to other players in the league who are also in the upper echelon of baseball talent (like Mike Trout, Bryce Harper, Mookie Betts), he doesn’t get as much hobby love.

This might make a great buy low opportunity for some of his autographed rookie cards if Arenado continues to hit the way he has been in his career to date.

Here are our picks for this three best rookie cards in the market right now.

1. 2010 Bowman Chrome #BCP91

The go-to autograph rookie card for most MLB players is from the Bowman Chrome set, especially if they have a prospect card that is signed.

It’s usually released a season or two before the player makes his MLB debut, and it’s no different in Arenado’s case.

It’s been increasing in value but as mentioned before, it doesn’t seem to have increased at the same rate as other players of a similar calibre.

But there are refractors available with the ones in more scarcity commanding big bucks.

2. 2009 Donruss Elite Extra Edition #6

While the Donruss autograph card is one of the first released with Arenado’s signature, the card (even graded) can be had for a fair price (as of early 2019).

It’s a sticker autograph unlike the preferred, on-card auto on the Bowman Chrome and without the licence deal, the Donruss card doesn’t show the official team logo.

Still, it’s a card that’s more affordable to buy, which can increase further as Arenado’s career progresses.

3. 2013 Topps Heritage Real Ones Autograph #H519

This is a nice, clean portrait card usually consistent with the Topps Heritage sets.

It’s also part of the High Number set, and the Real Ones Autograph makes this rookie card even more valuable (especially with a good grade).

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