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Naomi Osake rookie cards

Top 3 Naomi Osaka rookie cards

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Despite an early exit from the Olympics in Tokyo, Naomi Osaka still has growing potential to elevate her tennis game even further. For collectors, Naomi Osaka rookie cards might also get more attention as the game of tennis grows internationally.

And being one of those athletes who garners attention both on and off the court, Osaka’s rookie cards may continue to see an upward trajectory over the span of her career.

It’s no surprise we included her as one of the top five female athlete cards to collect in one of our podcast episodes.

For those looking to invest, take a look at the three we like best below (with links to eBay auctions).

2019 Topps Tennis Hall of Fame Naomi Osaka Rookie Cards

This card is from a box set initially only available online.

It looks like your typical sports card which comes from a 50-card set that consists of primarily past tennis legends plus a few active ones.

2. 2018 Sports Illustrated for Kids Naomi Osaka Rookie Cards

One of the first released cards for Naomi Osaka can be found in none other than the Sports Illustrated for Kids magazine (November 2018).

It’s part of a sheet with other athletes with perforated edges. To receive a high grade, it involves the risky, careful ripping of the card on.

But this card is destined to be a classic.

3. 2020 Topps Transcendent Naomi Osaka Rookie Cards

For those looking for a high-end card, the Topps Transcendent set is definitely the one.

Like most Transcendent sets, the card is bordered by a metal frame and this one is only numbered to 50, making it extremely valuable.

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