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Mickey Mantle and his best baseball cards

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There might be a lot of debate on who the best all-time baseball player is, but when it comes to the hobby, Mickey Mantle is always up there in the discussion as one of the most coveted baseball cards to own.

The unique look of his earliest baseball cards and the rarity of them in good condition has contributed to the value skyrocketing over the years.

Plus the Yankees legend was pretty good on the field too.

Here’s the three cards that any vintage baseball card collector would be lucky to have (and the links to buy them below if you are that lucky!)

1. 1952 Topps #311

While not his rookie card since it came out one year after, it’s recognized by many in the hobby as the most iconic.

It’s also one of the rarest with the card coming from the high number series in the Topps set.

And it’s notoriously hard to find in good condition. Even those with low PSA grades go for thousands of dollars.

2. 1951 Bowman #253

Here’s his true rookie card coming out a full year before the Topps card.

The image of Mantle on the Bowman rookie card painted horizontally is fairly distinctive.

And while not as difficult to find in good condition than the 1951 Topps, it’s also part of the higher number series, making the card also quite rare especially in good condition.

3. 1953 Topps #82

From the popular 1953 Topps set, this Mickey Mantle baseball card has a nice, clean design.

The close-up of Mantle’s face adds to the card’s appeal and this, like the others, is also hard to find in good condition.

Those with higher grades command great value.

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