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Kyle Lowry Rookie Cards

Kyle Lowry and his top 3 rookie cards

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Arguably the best Toronto Raptor to play for the only Canadian NBA team, Kyle Lowry seems to finally be getting the recognition he deserves.

Especially after winning an NBA Championship in 2019 and leading the Raptors again to another great 2020 season, Lowry rookie cards should be trending upwards.

But compared to other stars in the game, his rookie cards are still relatively affordable other than a few high-end cards.

Here’s the three we like best and links below to the cards that are listed for sale.

1. 2006-07 Topps Chrome Rookie Card

There’s a wide range of values for this card starting with the affordable base cards on chromium stock to the numbered refractors that are listed in the thousands.

Well-graded base cards also hold decent value as well.

2. 2005-06 Topps Finest Gold Refractor Rookie Card

The gold refractor cards of the Topps Finest set are only numbered to 59.

But it’s still more affordable than the more popular and aforementioned Topps Chrome refractor card.

3. 2006-07 Upper Deck Exquisite Rookie Autograph Card

For those who are looking for a rookie autograph card at a decent price, this card is worth a look.

Plus it’s a limited set numbered to 225.

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