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Kris Bryant reminds everyone about his homerun power

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As if anyone forgotten, Chicago Cubs Kris Bryant showcased his power Saturday, April 15 by hitting his first homer of 2017 in Wrigley Field off the scoreboard.
It’s what scouts kept talking about when Bryant was making his way through the minors with some expecting a 50-homerun season on the horizon.
Screen Shot 2017-04-15 at 5.46.36 PM.pngWhen looking at his rookie card value, in particular his 2013 Bowman Chrome Draft autograph rookie, it seems to have stabilized at the $1,000 mark (just below the value of Bryce Harper’s 2011 Bowman Chrome Prospect autographed rookie).
But if he keeps hitting like he does and follows up his MVP year with more homeruns and possibly a couple more championships, it wouldn’t be surprising at all to see his card value surpass Harper’s.
As for reaching Trout’s level (his superfractor card is currently listed at a cool half-a-million dollars)? Only time will tell.

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