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Kris Bryant and his top 3 rookie cards

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Next to Mike Trout, baseball fans, analysts and collectors alike could argue Kris Bryant is another generational player to hit the diamond.

He’s already achieved tremendous success at the Major League level after only playing a couple of seasons. That includes winning the National League MVP and a World Series ring.

Some say he has the potential for a 50-homerun season – rare these days. So undoubtedly, any of his rookie cards will pique the interests of collectors. Here is our top 3.

2013 Bowman Chrome Draft Auto #KB
This is the card Kris Bryant himself declared his “first professional baseball card.” So it must be, right?

Whether it is officially or not, this card is pretty popular among collectors and the price is already trending upward. There are also plenty of refractors available that come at a much higher price point.

The one quirk about this card is this “2013” card actually came out in the 2014 sets of Bowman Inception, Bowman Chrome, and Bowman Platinum.

2013 Bowman AFLAC Auto #KB

Bryant declared his 2013 Bowman Chrome Draft Auto his first “official” card, but his 2013 AFLAC card has his auto way before he became a Chicago Cub.

It’s a nice looking, clean baseball card where Bryant looks even younger than he does in his “official” rookie card.

The card is also serial-numbered to 235, which is a nice bonus.

2014 Bowman Chrome Prospect Auto #BCAP-KB

I thought about leaving this card out of the top 3 because of the peculiar circumstances of the release of this particular card.

There’s a great piece on it here but essentially, it was released twice at different times, making it appear there was more supply of this card than initially thought.

Nevertheless, on eBay this card is popular with its Bowman Chrome brand on it and still a relatively high demand for it. If the 2013 version is too rich for your blood, the 2014 might be attainable.


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  1. 50 home runs isn’t an “if” question, it’s most definitely a “when” question and I think we can expect to see something of that nature within 3 seasons. I see 40+ home runs next season at the very least.
    I always wondered how they gauged the beginning values of players cards. Kris Bryant in my opinion joins fellow teammate Anthony Rizzo as the face of the National League in baseball. If I had to build my team around a player with versatility it’d be Kris Bryant or Mookie Betts. Great article!

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