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Kevin Garnett rookie cards

Top 3 Kevin Garnett rookie cards

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While Kobe Bryant will get most of the attention into being inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame, Kevin Garnett also deserves some of the attention and so do Kevin Garnett rookie cards.

Statistically, the Boston Celtics and Minnesota Timberwolves alum, was a lock to enter the Hall of Fame. But it was all the other accolades from his former teammates and coaches that made playing with Garnett even more valuable.

Plus on the off-court accolades, he’s getting pretty good reviews for his performance in Uncut Gems on Netflix.

So for those looking to add a Garnett rookie card to their collection, here are our top 3 to look into and where to find them on eBay below.

1. 1995 Topps Finest Kevin Garnett Rookie Cards

Here’s a great profile shot of Garnett on his Draft Day from the Topps Finest brand.

A PSA 10 Gem Mint Card will set you back a few hundred dollars with lesser grades still relatively affordable.

2. 1995 Skybox E-XL Natural Born Thrillers Kevin Garnett Rookie Cards

This is part of a subset of 10 basketball cards called “Natural Born Thrillers” – an apt name for Garnett – within the Skybox set.

A Gem Mint card can be found for a little less than the aforementioned Topps Finest rookie card too.

3. 1995 Topps Kevin Garnett Rookie Cards #237

If you’re looking for his rookie card from the regular Topps set, he has one and it’s pretty easy to get your hands on one for an affordable price – especially if grading isn’t an issue for you.

But the ones that are graded higher can command a small premium.

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