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Julio Rodriguez rookie cards

Top 3 Julio Rodriguez rookie cards to collect

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The hottest player in 2023 representing MLB has to be Julio Rodriguez and in the hobby, Julio Rodriguez rookie cards are also on fire.

But those who were patient with his play and held on to their Julio Rodriguez rookie card are laughing now.

Because despite a slow start to the season, going 1-for-21, Rodriguez quickly made a name for himself, hitting his first career home run on May 1st and being named American League (AL) Rookie of the Month for both May and June.

Rodriguez continued his strong performance in July, contributing to the Mariners’ 14-game winning streak and hitting his first grand slam in a game against the Texas Rangers.

He was the youngest qualified batter in Major League Baseball and was awarded the Silver Slugger Award for being one of the three best offensive AL outfielders.

He was then named AL Rookie of the Year, becoming the fifth Mariner to win the award.

With a combination of power and speed, he’s definitely expected to have a major role in contributing to the team’s success for years to come.

Here’s some of his top rookie and prospect Julio Rodriguez cards currently listed for sale.

1. 2019 Bowman Chrome Autograph Julio Rodriguez Rookie Cards

If the baseball player in question has an autograph rookie card from the 1st Bowman Chrome set, it’s usually the one to go after.

Especially if you have the budget for one that belongs to a top prospect like Julio Rodiguez. There are plenty of refractors as well to chase.

2. 2021 Bowman’s Best Autograph Julio Rodriguez Rookie Cards

A cheaper alternative and a rookie card with another great shot of Rodriguez in his batting stance plus an on-card autograph is from Bowman’s Best.

Just like the Bowman Chrome, there are some nice refractors to chase at decent prices.

3. 2022 Topps Chrome Update Autograph Julio Rodriguez Rookie Cards

We know there’s a lot more Julio Rodriguez rookie cards to choose from. But this one has a sick photo of JRod.

Plus it has rare parallels and has a nice autograph on it.

MORE INFO ON JULIO RODRIGUEZ AND HIS BASEBALL CARDS: Rodriguez was also selected to the 2022 MLB All-Star Game roster, where he participated in the Home Run Derby and placed second behind Juan Soto.

On August 23 of that year Rodriguez hit his 20th home run of the season, making him the sixth player in Seattle Mariners history to join the 20-20 club, and the fourth player in Major League Baseball history to do so in their first season.

He also became the first player to join the 25-25 club in his debut season. In August, Rodriguez signed a 14-year contract extension with the Mariners, worth up to $400 million.

In his debut season, he batted .284/.345/.509 with 84 runs, 28 home runs, 75 RBI, 25 stolen bases, and 140 strikeouts in 511 at-bats.

As for his many other rookie cards that are currently printed, watch Scottie B. Cards video below for a good primer on what’s available and which Juilo Rodriguez baseball cards might be worth collecting.

But some key takeaways include to help clear up some confusion to determine which one is the best Julio Rodriguez rookie cards:

Tier B Julio Rodriguez rookie cards – 2022 Topps Heritage, Stadium Club, Topps Finest, and others. While these cards have the potential to be valuable in the long-term valuable, they might not be as iconic as the following cards.

That includes the Topps Update which is a staple in the Topps line and a must-have for any Julio Rodriguez collection.

Next is the Topps Chrome short print. This card is a variation of the Topps Chrome base card and features a lower print run, making it more rare and valuable.

Another top option is the Logofractor, which is new this year (2022/23) and definitely worth checking out due to its cool design and unique chromium finish.

Then there’s the Topps Sapphire, which features a blue shiny background and is in limited quantities.

And don’t forget the Topps Heritage High Number and Topps Stadium Club Chrome, which has a lower print run, making them valuable options for your collection.

You can expect Julio Rodriguez rookie cards to continue to be some of the hottest items in the hobby heading into 2023.

But because there are so many of his baseball cards (and it might be hard to decide which is his “true rookie”, there are many that are affordable for those who like to collect more as a collector rather than an investor.

For more general information on why to invest in rookie cards, check out our post here with other notable rookie cards going for thousands of dollars.

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